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I'm looking for any and all advise regading cycling for my brother & his 4 yr old Autistic son. Daniel seems to really get a kick out of going for a ride but has outgrown a regular kid's seat, a trailer is another option but we also came upon this wacky looking bike called a BuddyBike which really seems like the perfect idea. Since Daniel couldn't ride on the back of a tandem this bike puts him in front of you. Does anyone have any experience with it? Seen it? Have any + or - thoughts? Or does anyone have any experiece with other options? The bike is $1,300 with $170 worth of shipping & I'm looking into having a LBS get set up as a dealer. I'll take any info, since we are going to get Daniel on a bike one way or another!

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Neile (not verified)
You may try the Worksman website

"They have a number of possible models. Also, they're in Queens so you could ask for a test ride.

Parent/Child Chariots

Side by Side Tricycles

Tandems + Tandem Trikes


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bill vojtech (not verified)

I've seen a tandem where the stoker sits in front in a recumbent postion and the captain sits behind in a conventional position.

The advantage is that it can fit a child or a full size adult.

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Neile (not verified)
"""a tandem where the stoker sits in front in a recumbent ... ""
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Gary Holtzman (not verified)

Thanks for all the good suggestions, keep 'em coming.


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