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Here is a link to Sat's Princeton 200K via motionbased:

My Garmin reported ~8400 ft climbing.
Motionbased reports 10,700 ft.

Thanks again to RBA Laurent and all the volunteers! That chicken noodle soup in Frenchtown saved me 2xs.

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Mathias (not verified)

Thanks for posting the motionbased link. I love looking at other people's rides.

Maybe there should be a separate thread where people can post their motionbased links.

Here's mine:

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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
neat idea

I just got my Garmin a couple of weeks ago. I like the idea of sharing rides.

Here's mine, so far I've used it for 3 flat and windy rides on the North Fork of Long Island:

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Motionbased Graph - Camelback Mountain...

Interesting tool.

I just downloaded my Garmin 60CS into this board reflecting my Pocono/Camelback ride this weekend. I like the analysis of speed versus grade. Shows I stopped a few times - to eat :-) - and I still need to work on my hill speed.

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