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I am curious to know what traffic conditions are like on 9W between the GWB and Piermont weekdays 5:30am-8am.

I've only done this ride on weekends but may try doing it a few times during the week before work. Any comments would be appreciated.


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Fred Landau (not verified)

If you use River Road, traffic problems are virtually nonexistent. The only problems are at entrances to the Palisades Pky. If you are riding northbound you want to be very wary of the southbound drivers on 9W crossing the lanes to get on the Palisades. Other than that there is very little traffic between Alpine and Piermont.

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Jay (not verified)
the shoulder is very narrow south of Tenafly

there may be a few cars going 60 mph--suggest you ride single file close to curb.

Tenafly to Piermont: there are ample shoulders, wide enough to ride 2 abreast. Watch PIP entrances & exits. Sometimes bicyclists aren't too visible to quick turning motorists.

The local PDs enforce traffic lights and bicyclists even if the cross streets doesn't go both ways.

North of Piermont to Nyack the shoulder again becomes narrow.

Ride single file in Piermont please.

-Piermont resident

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