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does anyone know a good place in manhattan to have a beer and watch the race?

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Norman Sherran (not verified)
Paris Roubaix

I subscribed to and watch the whole thing this morning. A beer would be nice but if you want to watch live events this web page is great. I subsribed to the premium chanel

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Jim N (not verified)
A place to watch real sports

It would be great to find a bar we could convince to show these races. I wonder if there's enough interest in NYC to bring enough bar customers to offset the number who will leave in disgust that football has been replaced by cycling at their local boozing shed.

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Mathias (not verified)

This sounds like a good idea. I am relatively new to cycling and am a bit surprised there already isn't a spot to watch it in the nyc area.

I was stuck in Kansas City last year and wanted to watch a NJ Devils playoff game. First I had to fight to get one of the 3000 tv's but I had to convince them that they actually do show hockey on tv.

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Jim N (not verified)

What's the most cycling-friendly bar in NYC? I know that after some of the messenger events, there's a bar around S. 1st Street in Williamsburg that is the gathering place, but I don't know if they have TVs and if they are friendly to us relatively effite road cycling types.

There's also St. Dymphnas [sp?] on St. Mark's Place, which I'd heard was showing the TdF last summer.

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johnny (not verified)

“I’m talking with a bartender friend about setting something up for Sundays
at his bar, but he has to clear it with his management. Stay tuned for
more info.”

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