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I'll have a few days to myself at the end of a family trip in late September. I'll be on the big island, but willing to go inter-island for a good ride. Any tips for day rides, local tour guides, bike shops? Thanks!

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Maui / Big Island / Oahu cycling plus Hawaii Supeferry


For non-commercial Hawaiian cycling links, check out these:


Maui Bicycle Alliance
There’s a mailing list devoted to Maui cycling. Maybe you can link up with road locals to ride there, usually the western perimeter ride.

Or maybe if you’re in Maui, you can ride western end of the island’s perimeter. It’s beautiful with picturesque scenery and some switchback hills. Here’s my written account for the 5BBC:

Big Island (Hawaii)

Here’s an account of people cycling on the Big Island (wish I was there now!):

Hawaii Cycling Club (Big Island)


Hawaii Bicycling League

Here’s some info on an annual bike event in Oahu, not far from Wikiki Beach, the same time you’re in Hawaii:

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2007

Honolulu Century Ride is Hawaii's oldest and largest cycling event, first established in 1981. Ride begins and ends at Kapiolani Park; and riders follow Oahu's eastern and windward shores toward their destination. Participants have the choice of riding 20, 25, 40, 50, 75 or 100 miles at their own pace. Sag wagons will patrol the course, looking for mechanical problems, and six aid stations provide mechanical support, and refreshments for riders. Finish area includes live entertainment, food, and booths. Join thousands of people on their bike for this premier event!
Begins at Kapiolani Park and follows the beautiful eastern and windward shores of Oahu, through Hawaii Kai, Waimanalo, Kailua, and Kaneohe. Course is well-marked with signs. One full lane is coned off along Kalanianaole Hwy., on both mauka and makai sides.

If you’re curious, there will be ferry service between Oahu and Maui. The Hawaii Super Ferry will start in July.

Here’s the link:


There is a $25 one-way bike charge (from an email they sent me). But if you put it in someone’s car (cars are also allowed) on the boat, it’s free. The roundtrip is about $140, at least half the cost of a jet flight (it’s $80 one way bike charge!)

Of course, there is local opposition to the ferry:

Hope this helps & Mahalo,

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cat (not verified)
plenty of cycling on the Big Island!

"I just returned from 2 weeks in Hawaii. I was planning to visit another island but i ended up spending the whole time on the big island without a moment's boredom.

I could give you a lot of pointers but i don't know where you're starting from or how much/how challenging cycling you want to do. The highlights of my trip were the climb up Mauna Loa and its incredible twisty descent through the woods, Crater Rim Drive at Volcano (in the moonlight!), the climb from Waimea (we did it from sea level which was a bit of a slog with traffic) going north and descending (FAST) into Havi (you must visit the ice cream shop), and the ride up the East coast from Hilo to Waipio.

I wouldn't attempt it this early in the season but sometime i'd love to ride the Saddle Road and up Mauna Kea. If you're in incredible shape, then do this. Otherwise, drive up at sunset and look through the telescopes at the visitor center.

There's quite a lot of traffic but it's not prohibitive and cars are generally respectful of cyclists. The Red Road (Puna coastal highway) is rolling and gorgeous and quiet and there are all kinds of magical places to visit along the way.

Indispensable guide book is ""The Big Island Revealed"".

Email me offline if you want more info.


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Steve (not verified)

I went with this guy almost a year ago in Maui. It was great.


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Jay (not verified)
My NYCC Bull article on Hawaii April, 2005 will answer all ?'s

"If you can't access it thru ""archives"" on the left side of the home page, email me([email protected]) your snail mail address and/or fax # & I will send it to you.

I said that Maui is the best and Go Cycling Maui is excellent--Maui and this outfit are both quite $$$.

The information you seek for the Big Isl is also included."

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David (not verified)
oahu cycling

"When I went to Hawaii with my wife I rented a road Bike from Coconut Cruisers for about a $100 for the week. I bought a book Called ""Short bike rides in Hawaii"" it lists a lot of nice short rides but be carefull with Hawaii bike lanes. There are many on Oahu but many are on the edge of Highways and then end all of a sudden. I, T& B [I think it stands for International triathalon and Bike?] was a good shop on the edge of waikiki
but they don't rent bikes. let me know how your trip was as I will probably going again."

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chris Y (not verified)

"On the Big Island in Kona, there are a few shops that rent. You can even rent great road bikes or beach cruisers. (I rented a nice carbon Dura Ace equipped bike.) This place seemed good and sets up bikes that have been shipped in for Iron Man racers


also a Bike rental list

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Jay (not verified)
nice piece on Maui in April Adventure Cycling Magazine

I could make a copy if anyone wants one [email protected]

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D (not verified)
thanks to all

Thanks to all of you who responded with some terrific ideas, and yes, Jay, my adventure cycling mag arrived yesterday with the article on maui. previously i'd only considered rolling down haleakala, but i may not be able to avoid the temptation to go up--i'll need many river rd sessions before then!

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