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"Do we really need to know the grade is that steep? Too much information, or maybe I'm becoming Irv Weisman.


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Bill (not verified)
Why do UK signs have the corners rounded?

"Being a Blue Belle, an American and a sign nerd, I needed help to translate these signs from Brit-english. My buddies in the UK referred me to this site:

3.4.5"" target=""_new"">http://www.cbrd.co.uk/roadsfaq/#362


Yellow signs

Temporary signs, such as diversion routes or direction signs through roadworks, have black text on a yellow background. Recently black-on-yellow signs have been erected in a small number of locations on motorways to draw attention to unusual junction layouts, but this is not standard practice and technically is not permitted.

3.5.4 Why do signs have rounded corners?

Partly this is done for aesthetic reasons, but also because it is less dangerous for engineers fitting them. The New York State Department of Transport changed its policy to using rounded corners instead of squared ones after a number of complaints from its workforce."

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L'abbé Kane (not verified)

It's useful...

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L'abbé Kane (not verified)
...for the truck drivers. (nm)
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Bill (not verified)
yeah but

For biking (or running) it would be a good workout -
just have to remember to ride on the 'wrong' side of the road!

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