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John (not verified)


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Joe S. (not verified)

1. Delete the thread.
2. Delete the thread questioning why the first thread was deleted.

Wow, that's heavy-handed. Putin would be proud. Should I test my water bottles for polonium?

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mike p (not verified)
go for 3?

maybe this thread about deleting the fist 2 threads will also be deleted.

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fendergal (not verified)

Excellent! More message board inanity!

I guess it wasn't enough for someone to post (in the second thread) that the club runs on volunteers, and that they are thankful for their efforts. Should we just kiss these unnamed NYCC members' rings and scrape a little, too?

I think Stalin is a more appropriate reference.

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A. Nonie Moose (not verified)
Stalin, Putin or Bush Administration?

Why go to Russia for comparisons!? Don't you folks read the papers? This board is obviously run by the same sysadmins that handle Karl Rove's email. They just misplaced them and forgot to run backup...

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
Thread removal from Message Board

This smacks of Star Chamber Procedure!!!!

Whoever removed the threads from the Message Board owes the membership of the NYCC two things:
1. A cogent explanation for the removal of the threads.
2. Open acknowledgement of who the parties are that removed the threads.

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joe (not verified)
this club is great, even if they nix stupid ranting posts.

seriously? for 19 bucks, i'll take the much more valuable (and clearly underappreciated) door #1: route maps and info on CP repavement. i could care less about 8 million opinions on NYCs bike shops. we all have ours.

(there, i've added to the noise part of the ratio and feel better now).

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phil (not verified)

"I do not really have an opinion about this discussion or discussions about ""worst bike shop"" etc,

But I think it is highly disengenuous to engage in this liberal comparisons between NYCC and Star Chambers or even Putin/KGB.

I mean kafka, fine, but Stalin? Let's get real. Stalin killed millions and millions of my people. NYCC is simply enforcing its site rules.

Meh. People should not belittle history in favor of the latest Current-Event-Of-The-Nanosecond..."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

"Perhaps I lean towards optimism. One of the reasons I cycle, and do so with NYCC, is that I have found it to be a positive experience. We all have too much negativity to deal with day-to-day. It's not as if this MB cannot be a vehicle to present both positive and adverse topics. I just think it should be a resource to use as such only after failed attempts at satisfaction. Posting to a ""worst of"" thread fails to bring out the best in people. If a poster presents their 2 cents as fact, the question of libel arises. If annecdotes are posted, it is gossip. Did we not get strong testimony from members on both sides of the same shop on the original thread? Just because each of us can use this message board to present potentially damaging opinions does not mean we should. Should this be a forum to address civil rights? Do we need to put our volunteers in a delicate position to sit as Solomon on issues? Do we think this will ulitmately be good for cycling?"

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