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can anyone tell me a good bike route from the hoboken 14th street ferry station to nyack via 9w?

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Avi Robinson (not verified)
Also try 501

Kay Gunn and Mordecai Silver have frequently posted this route from Hoboken PATH to GWB. Just pick it up a mile into the route at the ferry terminal.

0 L Observer Hwy, away from PATH 0.1
0.1 R Washington St 1.3
1.4 L 14th St 0.1
1.5 R Park Ave, over bridge 0.6
2.1 - becomes JFK Blvd E 3.8
5.9 BR Woodcliff Ave @Cliffside Park 0.1
6.0 R Palisade Ave 3.2
9.2 BR to stay on Palisade Ave 0.5
(BL instead here, this becomes 9W)
9.7 R Bruce Reynolds Blvd 0.1
9.8 L Hudson Terrace, GWB

There's no particular need to climb to the bridge, though. After ~1 mile on Palisade Ave, you can turn left onto Edgwater Ave, and follow that west for ~ 1 mile to Ridgefield, where you can cross 1 and 9 and turn right onto Grand Ave. (Rt. 93). This road will become Route 501 in Englewood.

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Jay (not verified)
several suggestions

When 501 bears left in Demarest, keep going str on Anderson until sign indicates dead end ahead Then turn left & go down to 501/make right on 501. There is work on 501 and it may be closed during periods the next few weeks. Anderson is wider and has less traffic so it would be preferable even without the construction.

501 becomes 340 in Rockland(NY). . Go left at the T past the firehouse in Sparkill and make a quick right & go ride along the canal (single file!) into Piermont. Continue thru Piermont and 3 miles or so straight ahead you will be in Nyack.

9W between Piermont and Nyack has narrow shoulders so
going thru Piermont is recommended. (9W has adequate shoulders between Tenafly and Piermont and north of Nyack).

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