Must cyclists carry some sort of IDs when riding in NYC?

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"Given the recent threads on police ticketing cyclists, I can't help but want to ask this question: ""Does the law mandate cyclists to be carrying some sort of ID or driver's license while riding in NYC?""

What if you're stopped because of running a red light, but don't have your license with you? Can you lie about your name and address? or can they cuff you and throw you in the police car until your family brings your ID to the police station?"

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I think the Supreme Court recently ruled that you must identify yourself to a police officer if asked. I don't know if that means you must carry ID or if it means you must verbally tell him who you are. If you've committed an offense, they can detain you till they verify your ID.

But it does not matter, soon they'll be able to scan your government mandated, surgically implanted RFID chip.

Welcome to the brave new world.

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mike p (not verified)
supreme court didnt mandate that

a police officer still cant stop you on the street without cause and demand , require you to id yourself. however if you violate a law or resonable suspision that your involved in a crime, then they can request that you id yourself.
actually it is a little bit more complicated then that.
running A red light would be cause for them to stop and ask you to id yourself, you do not need to carry id, however if the cop thinks your lying , they can bring you in till your id is verified. If they find out that lied about your id, your in big trouble. You would have just changed a simple violation into a felony. Definitely would be one of life dumbest moves for someone that is not wanted by police.
you are not required to carry id, however for medical reasons, i cant imagine why one would not.
I edited my first sentence since i said police cant ask you to id yourself, They can ask you about anything.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
>>Can you lie about your name and address?<<

Sure. Let me put you in touch with someone who spent the night in the holding tank for doing just that. She'll tell you what fun it was.

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Josh (not verified)
on second thought . . .

Correct me if I'm wrong, but not having id is cause enough these days for arrest. So you're tagged either way.

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mike p (not verified)
show me your papers.

there is no law carry your id.

vagrancy hasn't been a crime in years, nor has loitering.

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elsa (not verified)

I think that the law reqiures you to carry an I.D. at all times ,failure to have I.D. could open you up to be charged with vagrancy and possible arrest .

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Robert Marcus (not verified)
No Tickee, No Washee

"Okay gang without an ID who gets called if you are in an accident or YOU hit someone with your bike???

I am sure we will get the legal issue of if you must produce ID when asked by the powers to be to this thread.

But come on, riding without ID is like riding without a helmet.

Happy Trails

Robert ""NOT THE SLOWEST"" Marcus

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some guy (not verified)
"""riding without ID is like riding without a helmet"""


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Morene (not verified)
legal opinion

Working with many lawyers, I sought some free advice and was told NO, it is NOT a law that we MUST ride with ID. That's as far as they would go (for free, anyway!)
It just seems common sense to me to do so...

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mike p (not verified)
here is a link
it mentions the recent supreme court decision that bill spoke of

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