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Do you tip when you get superb service from a bike mechanic?
If yes, how much?

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R.Fernandez (not verified)
must tip

I tip almost always.Cutting steerer tube=$5.00,adjusting my drive line=$5.00,If I'm a pain in the $## more.The mechanic built me a wheel and did a good job(tipped a couple of weeks later after I did some rides)$15.00,$3.00 here and there for lubing or quick adjustments,Build me a bike $40.00,handlebar tape if do the way I want $10.00.The point is I keep feeding them,the mechanics make some money and I'm happy to get anything I want dont then and there.There has to be an incentive for the guys to continue doing what their doing or their will be a higher turn over and less quality for we the consumer.Rich

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R.Fernandez (not verified)

Oh yeah forgot to mention most times the shop I deal with dont charge for minor stuff like truing a wheel or whatever thats when I usually tip more.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I worked in a bike shop one summer in college. I got one tip.

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Neile (not verified)

"""I worked in a bike shop one summer in college. I got one tip.""

Way too tempting."

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

"I always Tip the person who worked on the bike.
I get three things with a tip.
a) The mechanic is appreciated
b) I know the person who did a good job or remember a bad one.
c) I ALWAYS get bumped to the front of the line when I come in again.

How much to tip? You broke a spoke and they saved your
ass, priceless.

Adjusted that anoying squeak? $$
Fixed the skipping gear? $$$

The point is give the guy or gal a few bucks and a hand shake. They need it and may pass along some helpful pointers to do it yourself.
Many of them freelance to make up for what they earn in the LBS.

Good Luck

Robert ""Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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Bob Ross (not verified)

"I like to tip the mechanic.

It would also appear that the mechanic likes it when I tip him.

Note that this does not insure that I get better service than I might otherwise, but I at least seem to get faster service, so it's worth it in my estimation.

The amount of the tip depends on how badly he's saved my butt. A few weeks ago I gave him $20 for doing something in 6 hours that was originally estimated to take 3 days.

(Then again, this week something which should have taken 5 minutes instead resulted in a broken part which required special ordering from the manufacturer & a 7 day wait time. Not sure how much I'll tip him for that fiasco.)

He also gets a gift around xmas time.

The whole point, as others have intimated, is you want your mechanic to recognize you when you walk into the shop and think to himself ""Oh good, I can't wait to work on Bob's bike and make him happy!"" A generous tip seems to be the best way to elicit that response."

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Most appreciated tip given to a mechanic– two six packs of beer.

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Claudette (not verified)

As I fear I will destroy my bike should I attempt any real work on it myself, I bring it in all the time for tune ups and to make sure everything is in good condition. I tip $10 routinely.

If there is real work done, then it's more. Gift at the holidays (goodie basket and some cash).

Good service is priceless.

But then, I also tip the people who show me to my seat at a Broadway play. I can thank my grandfather for that habit.

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grace (not verified)
Service above & beyond

Every now and then a mechanic does more than just the minimum - like today I got my bike back with a superclean cassette and chain. I really appreciate that and so tip extra.

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mc (not verified)

Sooo glad I am a DIY kinda' guy!!! Now if I could only get my wife to start tipping her mechanic, then I'd be on to something ;-)

My bikes are twice as nice (and half the cost) since becoming self-sufficent... The only way to ride ATMO!!

Working on bikes can be almost as fun as riding them. An overhaul / upgrade makes for some excellent winter crosstraining.

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