The man who makes the world's fastest bikes.

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"""Georgiev has 34-year-old Sam Whittingham of Quadra Island, a former member of the national cycling team, to do the pedalling. He's taking Georgiev's bicycles to incredible speeds. The duo are responsible for a world record set in 2002 in Nevada for a human-powered vehicle reaching an incredible 130 km/h, or 81mph.""

""How fast can human-powered bicycles possibly go? Georgiev said there's still room for improvement. 'I think in the perfect situation, in perfect conditions, on the perfect road, man can achieve 95-100 mph, because we're going over 80 mph now in imperfect situations.' ""

""Georgiev's latest model is not for riders who are faint of heart. The rider is entombed in carbon fibre, and can only see where he's going by a small electronic screen inside relaying pictures from a camera in the nose. ""It's amazing when you eliminate the friction of air what you can do,"" Georgiev said.""

""Georgiev also wants the disabled to get up to speed, and his hand-cranked bicycles sell very well in Europe, especially in Holland where cycling is a way of life. A recumbent tricycle with big, nubby tires allows disabled people to ride trails. Georgiev proudly shows a brochure of a sleeker model that allows disabled people to experience speed powered by their arms moving the crank.""

""Georgiev's bicycles turn up in strange places. Water authorities in California bought a few low-profile recumbent bicycles to fit inside water pipelines less than a metre across. These allow repair crews to pedal for long distances inside the pipe, make repairs, and then disassemble the bicycle to turn it around and ride it back out again.""

Pedal Mettle

[That last graph would make for one heckuvan urban adventure ride.]


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phil (not verified)

Just keep in mind these arent bikes in the official sense, these are HPVs. Read up on the hour record regulations for more info.

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