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This is a comfortable warm up to the start of Saturday's B Sig ride. We need to save our energy before getting hammered by our ever capable leaders.
We will leave from the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park at 8 AM SHARP This ride is 10 miles long. We will have an hour to get there.
I will bring extra cue sheets.
So far there are 2 B18 Sigers going.
Please respond so that this ride can get crital mass.
Note that this ride is open only to the first 49 riders.

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chris y (not verified)
crital mass.

"Do not mention that you need ""crital mass;"" you might get followed by the police :)"

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Derek Chu (not verified)
I'll be there

This beats riding the subway and will be a nice way to stretch the legs. I'm a BSIG Youth ride leader but am happiest following!

See you at 8.

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David Oliner (not verified)

Please lead, I need to feel like a yout again.

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Aviva (not verified)

I'm in.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
May I join you at Columbus Circle/CPk entrance?


Are you still doing this? I'd like to join. See ya before 8.

Can you confirm/deny?


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David Oliner (not verified)
Ride is on


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