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I am biking Jasper, AB, to Jackson Hole, WY, this August. Do you have any recommendations on hoteling vs camping?

Looking at the elevation profile, first thing comes to mind is to stay light. But I do not want to restrict myself with hotel reservations, as it is the busy season in that area.

Except for cost, any thoughts?

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rjb (not verified)

Between Jasper (I used to live near there) and Banff there are lots of nice campgrounds, with good facilities, and inexpensive too. If you decide to camp, remember it's bear country and you have to deal carefully with food, unless you want an unwelcome overnight guest. However, camping will allow you to see more of the natural environment than simply riding by along the highway; many of the campgrounds are off the highway, in beautiful settings and/or on glacial rivers, etc. There are lots of hotels in Jasper and Banff, but as far as I can remember, the only hotel in between is at the Columbia Icefields (this may have changed, however). Also, I would avoid the main highway (93), and take the 'old highway' which parallels it for part of the way and is much more scenic and with fewer cars (I don't think it shows up on online maps like Googlemaps, but it will be on a local road map). Good luck, and have fun!

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Jay (not verified)
The Virginian Lodge, Jackson Hole

"adequate+, good location, Bike touring co. Timberline has used it

For genl info on unsupported bike touring see my article April, 2006 NYCC Bulletin - press ""archives"" on this site--if you can't get it I'll snail mail you a copy

[email protected]"

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Jay (not verified)
I cycled from Jasper to Banff in Aug, 2005

I can fax or mail you the list of hotels, the itin details, graph of elevation gains etc....just give me your snailmail address or fax #

BTW We then drove to Regina and Winnipeg, cycled in those towns and then I had cycled in all the Canadian provinces

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Cat (not verified)
Yellowhead Hwy

Has anyone ridden along the Yellowhead Hwy, either to the east or the west. That strip between Jasper and Talbot Lakes looks spectacular!

Has anyone been to the Miette Hot Springs (hottest in the Rockies, apparently)? Know the condition of the 19km road that branches off Yellowhead Hwy?? How long a round-trip is it from Jasper and worth the extra day?

thanks for any relevant tips. . . .


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