Help with a bike route between Boston & NY?

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I am trying to help someone plan a safe ride from NY/Northern NJ to Boston and was hoping that someone could help provide either a contact that might help or better yet, perhaps share a route they have used.
Please let me know. Thanks!

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mdxix (not verified)

Refer to Adventure Cycling touring maps for the Atlantic Coast:

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

"You can take the route in the Ride Library from North White Plains to Sheffield: then take right off Route 7 north onto Maple Ave to County Rd to a left onto Great Barrington/Lake Buel Rd to a right onto Route 23 east, pick up Rt 8 north in Otis and take it to Route 20 east. 20 will get you to Sturbridge if I am correct.

Any number of routes in the library will get you to North White Plains.

If you want to avoid NYC find a route which goes through Saddle River to Cold Spring or Garrison then take a route which takes Rt 301 on to Carmel then on to Brewster. You can pick up the Sheffield route off of Rt 6/202 east of Brewster.

You might have to walk your bike up Joes Hill depending on gearing, weight and power. But it only a few hundred feet at most."

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Victoria (not verified)

Thanks for that info for Boston/NY! I appreciate your reply!

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Years ago, we did a NY-Boston ride where we rode out to the North Fork of Long Island, ferried to New London, CT and stayed overnight. Then we went north through Rhode Island and into Mass. and up to Boston.

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