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Anyone know what condition this is in?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Not too terrible

Newly paved about halfway up Great Hill (not a first-class paving job, but that's another story).

Milled from halfway up, where the ramp from the traffic circle at CPN & CPW joins the drive, to _maybe _ 3/4 of the way up the hill. Maybe not that far - they probably won't even finish milling to the top of the hill tonight.

Not bad with 25mm tires. YTMV

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af (not verified)
Get used to it.

They mill for three nights and pave for two, apparently a little more than 1/4 mile total per week. At that rate, it will take about 2 months to get to 72nd St., where the milling is marked to end.

As noted, you can ride the milled section with some vibration, and the newly paved part is a big improvement over the previous condition.

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Robert R (not verified)

This is a far cry from the proposed 2 weeks that it would take to do the west part of the loop.

Plus the bridge crossing has become a major inconvenience.

What to do....

Are they leaving the milled sections riddled with gravel?

Cycling in NY is becoming an effort an a half

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Eric (not verified)

Um, get over it people! Complain, complain, complain!

Would you rather not have a park to ride in, or maybe a dirt loop or better yet, maybe they should close the park to cyclists while they are milling and paving?!? It takes some time and money to maintain an internationally renowned park.

These are actually good problems to have! Maybe you all need a hug, is that it? Do you need a hug?

My LORD you are complainers!!!

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chris o (not verified)
"""Back in the Ga-rage"""

You are complaining quite a lot here yourself, no?

If you think about the hundreds or maybe thousands of cyclists that are not complaining about this, then maybe you can appreciate how few people are actually complaining (I presume you were in this former group before joining the latter with your post).

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some guy (not verified)

It seems to me the repaving, while going much slower than planned, is being done in a way that is quite un-disruptive to normal cycling. I'm not sure if this is planned or not (it may be a consequence of the cold weather), but it hasn't bothered me. It's been only a small section at a time and not that bad to ride on.

Now skating on the milled sections would suck -- and for people that skate I'd hope they can pick up the pace.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Tuesday milling report

Seems like they brought out the A-team last night - the hill is now milled from halfway up, over the top and down almost to the bottom. Now it's like a section of pavé. Still rideable with fat tires.

But but but ... will the pavers be able to keep up now? Will they bring out their own A-team?

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Steve (not verified)

It is rideable with normal road tires.

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chris Y (not verified)

Maybe they're like us (at least me) in the Spring. It takes a few times out to get warmed up and back up to speed ...

Anyway, it can be a fun challenge to ride pave

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Edoin Srudelo (not verified)
"Depends what you mean by ""rideable"""

"""Tell me, Etoain, why is it men are so fond of prostate massages?""
--Raisehellfrida The Mud Maiden

Your Pal,

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Steve (not verified)

"I mean that I pedaled my bike up and down the unpaved portion of CP drive (with no ill effects to rider, machine, tires, etc.). What else would ""rideable"" mean?"

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Bob Ross (not verified)
"While it may be literally ""rideable"" ..."

...it is only just that.

Suffice to say those who pretend it is like any ordinary road surface in Manhattan and are hoping to do a few laps will find either their elapsed time surprisingly disappointing, or their teeth painfully missing.

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some guy (not verified)

"""pretend it is like any ordinary road surface""

Has anyone actually said that?"

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Steve (not verified)

Your elapsed time will only be off by a few seconds each lap so I am not sure how that is an inconvenience.

Are people really complaining about the park being repaved? Shouldn't we be happy about this? I am. And don't give me the line about it being done in two weeks so now it is a major burden - anyone who believed it would be done that fast hasn't lived in the city long enough to understand the glacial pace of road work.

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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
Wednesday status

They've paved all the way up the hill. There is a short unpaved section from the lights at the top, most of the way towards the 102nd street cutoff.

I also noticed a re-appearance of the Park Police at the lights near the 102nd street cutoff at around 7am - he didn't complain when I blew through the red light, but it might be time to start carrying my Australian driving licence with me.

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LynnB (not verified)
Wednesday police status

I blew through the red light on my first loop (before 7:00am) but on my second loop after 7, there were cops at 2 traffic lights after the 102nd st. cut off and they stopped everyone, very curteously informing us that they were going to be there Tues-Thurs and be giving tickets.
So don't blow off those lights ( unless you have an Australian driver's licence).

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