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"Check out club member Nancy Maier's website before Tuesday's meeting. You'll see she's got great routes all over the country and advertising from a variety of cycling-related businesses. She's also begun selling content.

To hear how she gets all the great routes as well as the inside scoop on working in the cycling industry - the people she meets and the new equipment she gets to see before any of us - come to the meeting on Tuesday, April 10th. To preview her website, click here."

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Cat (not verified)

Thanks as always for being _active_ in the club! We missed you on Saturday and i hope you are recuperating well.

Weather-wise you are not missing much . . . . Looking forward to seeing you on the road later in the season.


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Fast C Sigger (not verified)

"Fantastic web site. I was on that site forever looking up rides in other states as well as new NYC rides. I have to add that I also love the fact there's a ride called ""Brutality"" in the Rides Listings under NJ/Rockland (on the NYCC web site)."

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

Wow, this looks like a really great program! I can't wait!!!!

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