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"Couple questions - anyone have an opinion on the best LBS for service in Rockland or Bergen (competency and quick turnaround/lots of stuff in stock)? Been using Piermont BC & happy with them, but it's a half hour drive for me.

Also, if you need labor done, will most shops honor internet pricing on parts (vs. paying retail markups), or are you forced in that case to just order the stuff yourself and bring it in? I'm all for ""support your LBS"" by giving them a shot at your business, but paying 20-50% markups is silly on parts.

Finally, anyone know why Piermont BC stopped carrying Specialized stuff?

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

"I have used Piermont when on the road and needed a quick fix, such as this morning on my wheel.
That said, I ALWAYS find them more than helpful and fair with their pricing.

Next, If you bring parts to a bike shop for them to install you will get the better shops (including Piermont) to do the job at the going labor rate. I have done that several times.

However, if you have an issue with the part then you of course have to pay for them to swap it out and then YOU must ship it back. Don't waste your time and money
saving a few bucks, been there done that.

Final say. If you like the shop and service it is worth the drive/ bike trip.
Many times, Piermont can and does fix while you wait.

You will get a few suggestions here, but trust me you found a good shop.

Good Luck

Robert Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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E-man (not verified)

There is a Toga on 9W just north of Nyack. They carry Specialized.

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Jay (not verified)
Tom-when I see you I'll tell you in-person why

they stopped selling Specialized. It seems like valid reasons.

We have been dealing with the Piermont shop for years & it is excellent in all respects. I don't say that just because they are my neighbors. We have had bad experiences with local doctors, stockbrokers and accountants and I certainly wouldn't say anything good about them.

Why don't you do what we did--MOVE to Piermont!

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