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Tuesday looks to be the warmest day of the week (until Friday), and after this weekend, I'm sure we could all use some (relatively) warm weather riding.

Start time is somewhat flexible, but the relatively late start allows us to get more of the day's warmth.

For avoidance of doubt, of which there seemed to be quite a bit last time (for reasons that still elude me), River Rd 2x means we climb from Edgewater to Alpine twice. That said, I'm somewhat flexible on the route; in lieu of River Rd 2x, we could do head up to Piermont via River Rd, or some other route that totals under 50 miles. In any case, the rest stop will be short.

Please RSVP by posting here or via email, thanks.

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grace (not verified)

same as last week, i'll be doing this as a recovery ride, so will go only 1x, and will wait for you at nj side of gwb. what's your estimate of time you'll be crossing the bridge?

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Philip Everett (not verified)

same here...i'm good for 1x river road then to piermont or wherever.

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Joe S. (not verified)
Start point change

I'm feeling somewhat lazy, so unless people are keen to start at the Boathouse, I'll just take the A train to the GWB (express on weekdays!). So let's say 10:45am at the base of the GWB north path stairs (just after that enormous pothole). If you're not sure where that is, just ask.

Grace, that should put us on the NJ side of the bridge at 11am.

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Carole (not verified)

Would like to also join if I can tear myself away from my work. Will do RR 1x then jump ship.

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)
1x for me as well

I'll meet you on the NJ side again, by the park entrance, and you'll drop me again on the hill up from the Englewood boat basin.

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Colleen (not verified)
River Rd still out


Maybe you're just planning on hill repeats after heading up 9W to Alpine, but just in case I wanted to give you a heads up that River Rd is not passable. It's still out from landslides from all the rain last week. The Alpine hill is okay, though.


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Joe S. (not verified)
We're on

10:45am NY side of GWB
11am NJ side of GWB

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David Foster (not verified)
Organized complaints to PA

Just wondering if there is any organized effort of calling or letter writing to the PA and their habit of forgetting bikers? Having watched three successive bikers slip on their butts coming down the stairs on the north side of the GWB this morning, there's the obvious safety concern that they're apparently overlooking.

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some guy (not verified)
write to them

and to the governor of NY or NJ, depending on where you live. You should do it.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Where and who to complain to about the GWB where it might count

"""Some Guy"" suggested you write Govs. Spitzer and Corzine. He didn't bother to give you their addresses and phone numbers.

Contact Spitzer at his NYC office at:
The Hon. Eliot Spitzer
Office of the Governor
633 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Tel.: (212) 681-4580

Hon. David Paterson
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
633 third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 681-4532
(I recommend calling or writing Paterson: he's politically ambitious and doesn't have all that much to do. He much more welcome the contact with voters, I suspect.)

Here is information for contacting people at the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, the entity that operates the GWB. The address and phone number(s) follow(s) the list of names.

Chairman: Anthony R.  Coscia (NJ)
Vice-Chairman: Charles A. Gargano (NY)

NY Memebers of the Board:
Bruce A. Blakeman
Michael J. Chasanoff
David S. Mack
Henry Silverman

The convention in addressing board members is as Hon.

If you want to upset yourself by how little their backgrounds relate to ours, see their backgrounds at:

Here"" target=""_new"">http://panynj.gov/AboutthePortAuthority/Governance/BoardofCommissioners


are others to contact:

Executive Director: Anthony E. Shorris
Ass't Director, Planning: Linda K. Bentz
Depputy Exec. Direc, Operation: Ernesto L. Butcher
Dep. Chief of Staff: Arthur J. Cifelli
Senior Pulbic Info Officer, Public and Government Affairs: Pasquale DiFulco
First Deputy Exec. Director: James P. Fox
Director, Management and Budget: Michael G. Massiah
Chief, Public and Government Affairs: Stepehn Sigmund
Manager of Policies and Protocol: Sheree  R. Van Duyne

Write and call them at:
The Port Authority of NY & NJ
225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003
T: 212-435-7000

Direct dial the Office of the Secretary at:
(212) 435-6682 or (212) 435-6684.

In a separate post in this thread I'll write what I've written and telephoned the Port Authority.

Summary comment: If you don't write or call, don't gripe. (I actually wrote the colloquial word ""bitc* but the auto-censor expunged it.)"

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some guy (not verified)

Some links here, perhaps a bit out of date

cycling trips