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Can someone recommend a good shop for a tune up? I've been disappointed with the shop I've been going to. Preferably one open on Sundays, and in Manhattan or Brooklyn.


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alan resnick (not verified)

If this shop is near you-Heaven Bike Shop-62nd street-between 1st and 2nd ave.-(closer to 1st ave) It is a SMALL shop-the owner is Carlos and either he or Woody does the tune-ups HONEST, good work done there-and probably get the bike back faster than most other places. Just remember with the 5 boro bike ride coming soon-shops will be swamped two weeks from now.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
ditto that

Bike Heaven
212 230 1919
[email protected]
348 E 62 St (bet 1st & 2nd)
Mon-Fri 10AM - 7PM, Sat-Sun 10AM -5PM

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Gerald Seppey (not verified)
Tune Up

I've brought my bike a couple of times to Imbert at Master Bike Shop. I always got a great service, he is a good mechanic and I got my bike back within 48 hours.
He is on 77th and Broadway.

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)

I had a really good tune-up done at Gotham in Tribeca. They were very thorough-- cleaning and checking the drive train, re-lubing the free wheel, replacing the hoods on my shifters, checking and re-lubing all the lines, etc.

I highly recommend them.

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