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A friend of mine has invented and built a new type of bike, a recumbent bike that has a new kind of drive train. It consists of cables and spirals instead of the traditional chain and freewheel. the pedals go back and forth instead of spinning around an axel. The essence of the system consists on winding and unwinding cables around two spirals, one on each side of the back wheel.

He is looking for someone to test the bike, I was wondering if anyone was interested? He is looking for some feedback and I thought the NYCC would be the best place to go. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pls email me at [email protected]

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Susan R (not verified)

Sure, I'll try - - can we do it in Central Park?


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Alejandro (not verified)

"Hi Susan, I'm the inventor of this new drive train,
My friend Anne wrote this anouncement for me on the NYCC.
I forgot to tell her that the tricicle is adjusted for mi height which is 6'3"" and is not easy to adjust to another one. So if you're that height you're welcome to try it, other wise you'l have just to watch. Anyway, we're going to be riding it tomorrow noon at the riverside park north of boat basin cafe.
We might do it at central park next weekend.

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Anne (not verified)
Email Ale if you are interested in seeing his invention

Hi, pls email Ale if you are interested...
His email address is [email protected]

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