parking on East side betwn 72th & 110th?

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  • parking on East side betwn 72th & 110th?
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I am cycling w/ the B-Sig on Sat but have to drive into the City. Does anyone know of a cheap parking lot somewhere near-ish the Park on the East side betwn +/- 72th & 110th? thx.

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Jay (not verified)
you can park around Columbia Univ free on the streets

At 8-9 AM on Sats there are usually plenty of spaces in the 120's near Riverside Church--I've done it many times & my car was always OK--a short ride down Amsterdam into the park

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Mitch (not verified)
Parking West and East...

Hi Judy,
Even south of 120th on the west side you can usually find parking along Riverside Dr or CP West... on the East side around Engineer's gate (5th Ave - 3rd Ave between 95th & 89th). It gets easier as the weather gets nicer when people go away for the weekend. Good luck!

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