B SIGs are on for Sat. 4/07/07

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We will ride tomorrow (unless roads are bad in the AM - in which case I will post again). Weekend forecasts are worse for Sunday and it is a Holiday. Word to the wise this will definitely be our coldest ride to date; so dress for it (covering your head, fingers and shoes) and be comfortable, not miserable. See you at the shed……….. mark for the B SIG team

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Chuck (not verified)
Don't forget the 8:30 start time

and have your first layer be some sort of synthetic wicking layer.

You WILL sweat on the climbs tomorrow.

and cleat covers (if you have) for the GWB stair master portions of the ride.



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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG is on for Saturday 4/07/07

"We are ""on"" dress for a cold ride.........mark"

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