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And was quickly turned off. Are there any other high-emd shops in my new 'hood?

Thanks in advance!!

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chris y (not verified)

"I have not been there but nearby this store got a great review for service...

Subject: Bicycle Station on Vanderbilt Ave

Good service is... (from Time Out New York)

A bike shop where they match you perfectly with the bike"

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J (not verified)

Bike Station is good. Farther into Brooklyn is Mr. C's on 7th Ave. and 46th St. Further still id Roy's Sheephead on Ocean ave and ???? Z ??

Into Manhattan, Gotham is just over the BB on Varrick ...???

Use R&A if they have what you want at a decent price. They have lots of inventory. So what if they are ... turn offs. If they are close and have it, buy it!

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Long ago I determined that if R&A were the only bike shop, I'd take up rollerblading. If you don't walk in with a racing number pinned to you and blood streaming from some part of your body you're just not worthy.

In Brooklyn, there's Roy's on Coney Island Ave between X & Y, (I think). When I need a shop I go to Conrads.

Mostly I do it myself and order stuff from Nashbar/Performance.

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Roberto Henais (not verified)

I've raced for many years and live in Park Slope. I have literally shown up in R&A with my number pinned.

I can attest their attitude did not improve.

Simply put: R&A is the single worst bicycle shop in NYC.

Try the Bicycle Station, or Verrazano further south or go to Manhattan, SID's and Conrad's will be worth the trip.

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Bob Ross (not verified)

We lived a literal stone's throw from R&A Cycles for 5 years. Yes, literally: I could have thrown a rock from my front yard and hit the window of R&A Cycles.

And believe me, every time I came out of that shop that's what I felt like doing!

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Brooke (not verified)

I get along really well with the guys at R&A. If you ask for Cesar or Felix, you'll be in great hands. But if you'd rather steer clear, you can try Dixon's on Union (btw 6th and 7th), though I don't think they're as skilled as R&A.

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Melanie (not verified)
go to Mr Cs

someone mentioned mr. c's in sunset park ... i bought my stuff there and they are fantastic. they do high end (sell cannondale) but are also nice friendly people. the store is very family friendly & sells lots of low end stuff but they have all the goodies you need (or will order it). and will remember you when you come back. its 7th ave and 47th st but they have a website.

bicycle station is good too but they don't really have much other stuff. only sell and service as far as i can tell.

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JHS (not verified)

My experience with R&A was very bad over the phone; they were rude and curt. However, when I went in with a minor wheel repair, they were very nice and helpful. So I guess it depends on the day and the configuration of the stars. They were not exactly fast on the repair, but it was done professionally, no bs, and in the end I would go back to them. Plus, as others noted, it's a decent place to wander around and browse since they will ignore you until you get your wallet out (it better be thick too given their stock). My only concern is their relationship to all the other R&A shops on the street ... seems like they have their hands in a # of businesses.
Good luck finding your best local shop. It might exist.

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some guy (not verified)

I had a couple of bad experiences at R&A a long time ago. I think it's the same owner, so I don't go back.

Recently had a good experience at Verranzano bicycles. Very straightforward place. Not in Park Slope but only a few miles away.

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Dave Hallerman (not verified)

JHS writes: My only concern is their relationship to all the other R&A shops on the street ...

Those other R&A shops are history, I believe. That is, at one point somebody (bodies?) started various shops on that stretch of Fifth Avenue, but they are no longer connected.

At least R&A Cycles isn't. I remember asking Phil the owner that question years ago.

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Park Sloper (not verified)
I was in R&A Cycles yesterday

And asked this very question (about R&A Hardware next door which is the only other R&A-named business that is open right now). Seems the owner of the cycle shop and the owner of the hardware store are brothers.

No big mystery.

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J (not verified)

Romona and Alberto.

Alberto is in his 70s or so and owns a bunch of property arund the area. He is across the street and a block north in those stores. His son Phil runs the bike shop (grandson Albert). His wife is Ramona. The hardware - I think they rent it out.

This means - no rent!!

Say what you want about attitude - and there is a bad case of it there sometimes - R&A has almost everything in stock. I understand that you may not want to give $$ to a place with attitude. Nonetheless, they probably have in stock what you want or need. So get it if the price is good and just don't invite them for dinner at your home. It is a bike shop - not a social club. It would be nicer if they were nicer.

BTW, a couple of the staff are good guys - Felix and Pancho and Gilberto.

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Rob G (not verified)

I've had nothing but good experiences with R&A. They recently forgot to charge me for a $200 Cateye when I bought my new race bike. I contacted them to inform them and pay over the phone. A few weeks later I was back at the shop to buy some race wheels, Phil, the owner gave me a huge discount which worked out to be a great deal more than the cost of the Cateye. I guess honesty does pay!

I have also found Felix to be a good guy, he certainly helped me with getting the correct bike fit.

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David (not verified)

Granted, I spent a ton of $$ on a new Paris Carbon/Record, but Albert (owner's son) was really friendly and helpful. They also been very flexible with returns.

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John Huntington (not verified)

I second the recommendation for Mr. C's. I've bought 2 bikes there and they are great!

I have had bad experiences with R&A back to 1991... I went in a few years ago and it felt the same.


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