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Keep your eyes out for a HUGE pothole on 179th Street between Fort Washington Ave and the entrance to the North Side GWB bike path. Big enough to swallow a moose.

Well, a small moose, but still...

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chris Y (not verified)

"Thanks for the heads up. I have called 311 and reported the pothole.

I suggest everyone call 311 if/when they have time because if many people call, the hole gets fixed faster.

Report that it is ""on 179th Street between Fort Washington Ave and the entrance to the North Side GWB bike path."""

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af (not verified)
Entrance to GWB bike path is not actual street coordinate.

Report the next cross street on west 179th Street after Ft. Washington Ave. as either Pinehurst or Cabrini (depending on which block the hole is in) and you'll have better chance of getting it fixed.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)
Good point

It's at 179th & Pinehurst.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Name & direct dial phone # of head of Manhattan repaving.

Last year I found one person in particular in the office of Manhattan repaving-road maintenance (maybe it was broken down into Westside Manhattan or Northern Manhattan) astonishingly responsive and wish I had her name. I don't. But BELOW is the name of her boss, the overall head of re-paving, at least that area of Manhattan, and maybe all of Manhattan, who, himself, was terrifically responsive when I called a number of times over a period of, well, yes, a few months, about getting 177th from Ft. Washington to Pinehurt/Cabrini repaved. It took awhile to get underway, but once it was, they assured me in response to my subsequent calls, that the site was scheduled to be investigated, then scheduled for re-paving, then re-paved. They were interested, considerate, and understanding. And even thanked me. Go figure.

Scot Roveto, (212) 487-8439.

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