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Anybody ride it today after last night's (alleged) pavement milling? Is it do-able?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
At the rate they're going...

...they'll be finished in two years, not two weeks.

Lenox Ave extension milled just to the point where it meets the Park Drive - not a problem unless you're entering from Lenox Ave. More serious - a 2' cut milled most of the way ***across*** the road at that point, in the middle of the left turn, which looks to be the spot where crashes will occur tonight.

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Paul O'Donnell (not verified)
Still slow

Two years is about right. As of this morning, they're about half way up Harlem Hill. It's rideable, but not pleasant. It's worth cutting off the top section of the park for now.

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Steve (not verified)

I didn't think it was too bad going over the rough section this morning - it is very short. It is bumpy sure, but just pretend you are riding the cobbles, makes it fun!

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jmf (not verified)

It was rideable Tuesday AM, and a good workout, but extra wear-and-tear on the tires. There was a small pile of grey, road-colored sand this morning. It was used to patch one of those ex-pot-holes in that line of pot-holes just before the climb. It's very easy to avoid if you are looking out for it, but in the dark, under street lights it can blend in with the rest of the road and catch you by surprise.

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Morene (not verified)

A friend of mine blew out his rear tire on a pothole and bent the rim as well. I was out this afternoon and, at the bottom of Harlem Hill, decided to turn around and go back up, cut across, and continue south. It was not as steep as the uphill on the west side, and of course I was going the wrong way (not a very SIG-like thing to do, sorry) but there was NO WAY I was going over that mess on MY bike. The idea of cutting across before the downhill is a good one.

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