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"Dear members of the cycling community:

There is a coordinated effort between FreeWheels, Glass Bead Collective Legal Response Team and some fine lawyers to QUICKLY centralize the information about the 48 summons that were issued Friday night during critical mass. If you received a summons please email the relevant information (described below) to [email protected] This information will be marshaled in order to coordinate media and legal responses to the conduct of the NYPD last Friday.

If we can collect and centralize the information about the summons that were issued, it is possible that a significant number of the summons may be legally inapplicable or facially insufficient as a matter of law. We may be able to show that the NYPD issued frivolous summons in an attempt to break up the ride and that they did it with more aggressiveness than the issued summons would warrant. If you have any questions email the address below as well.

If possible, please also email a .pdf version of the front and back of each ticket you were issued. If you cannot, please photocopy the front and back of your ticket and fax it 212-629-8334. Please indicate that the transmission is PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.
[Please keep in mind that we are looking for ONLY the following information at this time. If you have information about, or evidence regarding, a ticketing incident, or an arrest, please provide your contact information to [email protected], but please do not send written information, or leave recorded information over the phone.]

What's your name, address, phone number, and email address?
How many tickets were you issued, total?
Was your bike seized?
How long were you detained by the NYPD ?
Were you moved from the location of the arrest? If yes, to where?
With respect to each ticket, please tell us:

· What type of summons were you issued? – is it returnable in the New York City Criminal Court, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle's Traffic Violations Bureau, or the Environmental Control Board? What is the address? Is it something you can mail in or do you have a date to appear?

· What's the ticket number?

· What's the date on the ticket?

· What's the time on the ticket?

· What's the location on the ticket?

· Who issued you the ticket? Please give us the officer's name, command, squad, and Tax ID number.

· Which set of laws or rules does the ticket allege you violated - the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (""VTL"")? The New York City Department of Transportation Rules (""NYCDOT Rules"")? The New York City Administrative Code (""NYCAC"")? The New York State Penal Law (""PL"")?

· Which specific section(s) of the law or rule are you alleged to have violated?

· What exactly does the ticket narrative say?

Keep Riding.


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