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From NYTimes:

3 Arrested in Critical Mass Bike Ride

From NY1 (a bit longer):

3 Cyclists Arrested, 44 Ticketed Under New Riding Rules

One arrest was for disorderly conduct and another for obstructing government property. The third was not publicized.

Does anybody have a first-hand account? Also, were the summonses for violating the parade law or for other traffic infractions?

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Carol Wood (not verified)
First-hand account

"But not mine:


The tickets were nearly all issued on made up pretext. Several were written for failure to ride in a bike lane, on streets that don't have bike lanes. Other got failure to ride to the right, even if they were on the right or far left. The cops were probably given a list of likely violations and told to pick anything.

Some riders were ticketed for no lights. Those tickets at least, the cops have some justification to issue. Riders really should be riding at night with lights, and to show up at critical mass under the present police state without lights is dumb.


About one lane from the right side, a scooter cop comes up behind me and yells ""Number 19 pull over to the curb."" I was the target of opportunity here.

The cop insists on seeing my identification first. I asked why he was stopping me and he demanded id. I refused again and he finally told me for not riding on the right. Telling him he was wrong, I handed
him my id.

Basically, this paradigm of the legal astuteness charged me with failing to ride to the right. I got a traffic ticket, not an arrest. The cop was telling me that it was a failure to say right on the one lane 40th st, where I was making a left turn, and failure to ride to the right on 3rd av where I had nearly reached the right lane when he stopped me. When I told him that I always ride as close to the side of the road as practicable, he asked what practicable was. When I informed him that that was the language used in the traffic law, he said he never heard of it. When I suggested that he did not know anything about the traffic law, between this and refusing to hand over my id, he added another ticket for failure to obey lawful orders.


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