Ringling circus clown loses bike.

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  • Ringling circus clown loses bike.
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Bello the clown lost his bike yesterday by GCT.

The story is on the AP wire.

This link happens to have posted the photo of the bike:


More complete version of the story here:


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phil (not verified)

"What kind of clown ""rests his bike against a street sign and forgetfully walks away"", in manhattan of all places???

Oh, right. Nevermind."

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Steve (not verified)

What kind of clown?

One who wanted to get a lot more than $1,000 worth of publicity. Loose bike, 0ffer a $1,000 reward, get live news coverage on every TV and radio station and newspaper in NY, repeated several times.

Get bike bike back, cost $1,000.
Give a free season pass to the Knicks, cost $500.
Citywide Press coverage, Priceless!

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ER (not verified)

I won't give it back until the animals in the circus are let free.

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