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"I wrote in my President's message in the April NYCC Bulletin (soon available for download on the NYCC website) an essay on ""Why I ride"" and asked for members to contribute essays of their own. Something is obviously in the air. Carol Wood, long-time and very active NYCC member, has brought to my attention that she and Elizabeth Donovan have an arts program called ""Why I ride"" http://www.whyiridenyc.org and that they too are looking for stories about why people cycle. We have solicited essays for them in the eWeekly for the entire month of February, but submissions are lower than we had hoped.

Hey, folks, let's hear some stories! Please submit them to Carol and Elizabeth via their website, or submit them to the address in my President's Letter and I will forward your letters to them.

Sorry for any confusion that I may have caused and be sure to check out their website and their exhiibit coming in May to coincide with Bike Month. Thank you!"

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Carol Wood (not verified)

"Thanks Jeff. I'm glad to hear it's in the air, because we announced our show to NYCC via the Bike Coalition in November and through this board around January, and have been seeking submissions since then.

The exhibition, ""Why I Ride: The Art of Bicycling in New York,"" is being organized independently by me and my collaborator Elizabeth, under the auspices of the NYC Bike Coalition. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise public awareness of biking, reach out to new potential cyclists, and celebrate what we do among those who already do it.

What we are looking for is people to:

1) Send us jpegs of art work/snapshots/photos/other images for our online gallery. (Deadline is extended indefinitely--in our overworked manner we haven't updated the deadline on our Web site)

2) Respond to our SURVEY asking people WHY DO YOU RIDE A BIKE. Though the form parodies the parade permit, the questions are straightforward and sincere. The survey, which will be on our Web site this weekend, will be included in our May exhibit and displayed online as well."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Looking for short films

"The one and only Clarence Eckerson is seeking short (1-5 minute) films to screen in the gallery.

I know a lot of you folks have a video function on that digital camera--so how about creating something for the show?

Clarence will be splicing everything together on a DVD. There's talk of getting a screening somewhere but nothing firm yet.

Hope to see some NYCCers in the line-up!


Video screening

We are seeking films to screen as part of a visual arts exhibition:

Why I Ride: The Art of Bicycling in New York

Your video should be no longer than five minutes long and fit into the theme “Why I Ride.”

We are encouraging and hoping for a very diverse slate of works. From novices picking up a camera for the first time all the way on up to professional videographers and filmmakers. All films submitted will at least be shown at one of the venues on a loop.

Please feel free to profile your favorite cyclist, commuter, messenger, activist, racer, bike group, delivery person, etc. OR yourself! What keeps you or your subject going? What inspires them? What drew them to cycling in the first place? Is it that early AM sunshine when you ride? Or the thrill of walking into an office wearing bike gear? Is it the people? The challenge of traffic? Or visiting the beach on weekends? The possibilities and topics are limitless. Please include in your video the text “Why I Ride” at least once.

The exhibition will showcase artists inspired by the freedom and mobility that the bicycle makes possible in a congested metropolis like New York City. These artists view interactions with neighbors and strangers — both friendly and otherwise — as preferable to the isolation that grows out of our sprawling, auto-dependent environment.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Art work, photos, snapshots....

"Thanks to those who have sent us pix for the online gallery. The more the merrier!

It's not too late to send us your jpegs. Here's all you have to do:

– Send an e-mail, with your name in the subject line.

– Include a total of 3 JPEG samples (5x7 at 72 dpi)

– Name each JPEG with your initials and the name of the work. (EDLife.JPEG; EDDeath.JPEG.)

For each individual work include the following information:

– Title and date of work

– Medium

– Dimensions in inches (for digital photos, can write ""digital photograph, dimensions variable"")

– Web site/email address (optional: include ONLY if you want it listed on the Web site)

Send emails to: [email protected]


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