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"bicycle blowout

Taiwanese-made, TIG welded and not light (6+ lbs. for frame/fork), but sturdy and versatile.

Pacer is the most roadie-like in geometry and use of caliper brakes.
Cross-Check allows wider tires and cantilever brakes.
Long Haul Trucker can take up to 2"" wide tires. 26"" wheels a great choice for smaller riders. Wish it had disc brake bosses.

I'd do Shimano 105 (or better) brake-shifters over bar-ends for close-formation group rides.

Bicycle Blowout discounts are not that great. Sid's, NYC Velo and Bicycle Habitat can order/custom build.


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Paul (not verified)

I'm still working on putting my LHT together, but my LBS dropped the ball twice on getting the frame so I may have to go with one of the three you mentioned.

BTW, I'm going with bar end shifters :)

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Mike (not verified)

Although I don't own one (yet), Surly has a great attitude and value. They're available from almost any bike shop (including Recycle a Bike), since they're distributed by QBP.

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