Go to hill.

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I have the cue sheet for the Westchester Golden Apple Ride. This is a lovely 75 mile ride beginning in Katonah (Home of Whats His Name and Not The Imposter), riding through lovely Yourtown Hites, Purdys, Golden's Bridge, South Salem and Etc.. We pass close to Bedford, home of Dr. What's His Name Diet Dok from 20 years ago and his school teacher love; each of whom probably deserved each other...while bypassing Mt. Kisco...where ther might or might not be a Taco Bell. Who knows??? They just take the same taco and reheat it over and over. Who knows???

So...the pace is a relaxed mid-teen to 18ish pace, I shall provide...at no additional charge...cue sheets.

This is, as I recall, a ride with hills. As I recall it is not flat. For that you must spend the day on the West Side Bicycle Path. Over and Over and Over.

There is a 7:48 train leaving Grande Central arriving Katonah 8:53.

The fare is probably $500.00.

Who knows???

If you e-mail be by Friday night I'll have adequate cue sheets for you hardy souls so robust as to accompany me on this very lovely ride.

My e-mail is: [email protected]
If you must call...my phone # is 917-991-4963
If you want to know my name...it is Henry.
If you want to know my surname it is Joseph.

I plan to be at the Information Kiosk inside Grande Central Station Saturday morning...7:30...with tiket in hand.

If you do not appreciate misspelled words you might not appreciate my sense of direction.

Nice pace, Nice hills, Nice Ride.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Nice ride indeed

Henry, thanks again for the motivation and company. Gorgeous day and route!

I didn't remember that the last 10 miles were so grueling, however. The route has changed significantly since last September.

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Henry (not verified)
Great Day!

Wonderful ride and great company...You are one terrific rider, Carol.

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