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As a newcomer to the city I want to buy used mointain/city bikes for me and my wife for casual rides in and around the city and CP. Can someone recommend a good place to buy used bikes? Are the bike stores generally OK or are there also special markets or events for buying/selling used bikes? Thanks

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Evan Marks (not verified)
used bikes
Recycle-a-Bicycle Manhattan
75 Avenue C (between 5th & 6th Streets)

Recycle-a-Bicycle Brooklyn
55 Washington Street (between Front & Water Streets)
Bike Works NYC
106 Ridge St., NYC 10002
140 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn,NY 11211

C&M Cycles
141 E 17th St

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Jim N (not verified)
Bike Works

This is another vote for Bike Works on Ridge Street, though I get all of my bikes from eBay.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
I don't think that Bike Works sells used bikes

They may have a few used frames for sale, though.

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Jim N (not verified)
Are you sure they don't?

I bought a beater from them once, and they have some road bikes for sale on their web site. I also seem to remember seeing used bikes for sale in the shop, though I have not been there for several months.

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Patricia Janof (not verified)
Buy used bike

Go with either a hybrid or a road bike, not a mt. bike. You'll be riding roads, not trails, and NYC is hilly. So get a lighter bike, with thinner tires. It won't let you down.

Also, many bike shops don't advertise it, but they often have customers who are 'upgrading' to a new bike and will do their clients a favor by finding a seller for their old bike.

Check out your local shops just to see.

Also consider bike fit and gearing suited to your fitness level.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
two more local sources for used bikes
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victim (not verified)
SheepsheadbayCycles uses WD-40

If you purchase anything from SheepsheadbayCycles, be sure to immediately take it to a mechanic for an overhaul of the hubs, headsets, tec - anywhere there should have been grease he'll find WD-40.

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Happy (not verified)
Piermont Bicycle Connection

The bike shop at Piermont sells used bikes, and also posts them on E-bay

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