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I am looking for a cue sheet holder. Any thoughts, either through a web site or (preferably) a Manhattan shop--thanks

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Nicer than a clothespin + rubberband ...


Bycue, down at the bottom of the page:


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Aviva (not verified)
i made my cue sheet using this web site's instructions! :)
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phil (not verified)
or you could zip-tie a binder clip

or you could zip-tie a binder clip to your handlebar stem

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chris y (not verified)
velcro cable tie

"A zip tie with clip is good, but if you want to remove it easily, use a removeable velcro cable tie-down with clip.

Cable tie

Available cheaper at other places, but I found this link first."

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Photo Boy's Friend (not verified)

You can also use a FedEx pouch with the cable ties above. That's what I use.

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