NBA Superstar LeBron James buys stake in Cannondale

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  • NBA Superstar LeBron James buys stake in Cannondale
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John M. (not verified)

I wonder what size frame they made for him. Even a 29er is going to look BMXy on someone that tall.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Cannondales for tall riders

There was an article in Bicycling magazine some years ago showing Shaquille O'Neal's custom Cannondale mountain bike. It was huge.

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phil (not verified)
yao ming's bike

Penny farthings, eat your heart out


Yao ming's bike:

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

That bike's picture keeps popping up and everytime I'm horribly embarassed for Gunnar/Waterford. How they could spec chainstays that short is beyond me. Yao Ming might actually sit _behind_ the rear hub on that monstrosity. Yeah, I know that getting butted chainstays any longer might be a problem but that's when you turn to the aircraft industry and just get some 4130 tubing in appropriate lengths.

Really, that thing is embarassing.

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phil (not verified)

I wonder what yao's vo2 max is

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