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I would like join the group rides. Never ridden in a pack, my avg pace is 15-17mph from NYC to Piermont. Can I still CIG test? Any help greatly appreciated. thx DG

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JIM N (not verified)

"I think the SIGs are all closed to new members for now. Is that what you meant? There will still be a number of group rides posted on this message board. To get a feel for how fast tehy are, check the self-test here:"

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David Garrigan (not verified)

Thank you for the reply. That was the SIG question. I'll probably ride with a C group since it's early in the season and I may be overrating myself.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)
Maybe not too late for the C-SIG

They've only done the qualification ride. Their first group ride is this Saturday. Contact Patricia Janof offline to find out if you can still join.

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