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I got a flyer recently for a 40-odd mile ride in the City in May. I rode in something similar several years ago and it was a total bummer -- waited at the start line for well over an hour and then massive traffic. Since then I have purchased a proper road bike and am a good bit faster. A car-free ride through the City sounds like great fun, but is there any reliable way to get to the front of the pack on those types of rides?

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rosie ruiz (not verified)

Sure, just wait in Central Park about 8:30am ,after the 1st group of riders goes by fall in behind & you should be clear for the remainder of the ride !!!!!

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roscoe geo (not verified)

This year, I believe that for a premium you can start right behind the Masi group. See 5BBT site for information.

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Tee (not verified)

I rode it last year. For me, it was a frustrating experience. Riding on the car-free roads were great but too damn crowded and plenty of stopping and then going.

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Josh (not verified)
Bike New York MASI

"Follow behind the point riders (""MASI"") and you'll have no problem. They'll average about 15-18 mph, if that's what you are up for."

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David Schlichting (not verified)

+1 to Josh's comment. From my station at 135th & Madison Ave., that group immediately behind Masi is a pretty erratic crowd, but there is normally a short gap after this pack followng the Masi riders.
We all must accept that on an event of 30,000 participants that there will be delays. There is only so much road capacity, whether Central Park or the 2 lane road climbing to the Queensboro Bridge. But hopefully we gain a few new cyclists every year --never mind that many of these folks could benefit from the Ride-In-A-Straight-Line SIG.

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