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Pictures from Saturday 3/24 B SIG are located here...

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Old Man Jenkins (not verified)

Do I need an account to view the pictures? Can you post on a website?

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PhotoBoy (not verified)
yes, no

Dear Old Man,
You do need to create an account for Snapfish - BUT it is FREE and you can opt out of receiving spam (marketing e-mails). Snapfish IS a Website. I have no other options - i'm just a photo boy, not computer boy.

And you can actually copy and paste pictures off of Snapfish without ordering prints.


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More (not verified)

Google has a Digital Photo application called Picasa which is really great at managing digital photos and allows all of the above for uploading to either a 'public' or 'private' Web Album. Neither of which requires the viewer to register even if downloading full res files.

You need to have a gmail account in order to upload photos.

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PhotoBoy (not verified)
Thanks, More

Thanks, More. PhotoBoy uses Picasa to organize his pictures but didn't realize you could upload to their site for viewing and storage as well. I do have a gmail account.

But I think gmail and picasa might confuse matters...

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Edoin Srudelo (not verified)
Snapfish Phooey, Pay Pal Too-ey

"So I figured, heck, I'll go look at pix of the B-Sig. And whaddya know? You have to agree to Snapfish terms and conditions before you look. And one of those T&C's is that you have to buy stuff from Snapfish once a year, whether you want stuff or not.

No thanks.

Also I hear NYCC wants us to sign up via Pay Pal. (Saves on volunteer clerical work.) The club will cut the membership fee if you do.

But if you pay via Pay Pal, you gotta pay Pay Pal extra bucks. (Say that three times fast.)

NYCC cuts the membership fee two bucks. Pay Pal socks you for fifteen. You do the math

""Hey Mister, you wanna see free dirty pictures? Okay, but first you gotta rent my sister for an hour.""
--Slepanic The Sleeze
Your Pal,

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

"I've had a Paypal account for years, I don't remember having to pay them anything. I just took a look at their website, says free for buyers, that's us members.

Also, I've had a Snapfish account for years and never bought anything from them. I guess I should be careful when I answer my door, could be the Snapfish police demanding I buy a print."

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Matt Z (not verified)

I have been a Snapfish member for a few years and never have bought anything. Unless I am mistaken, NYCC uses to process its membership. Regardless, Paypal doesn't charge the buyer a fee, just the seller. is a gret photo site too, and you can view without creating an account.

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