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Trying to create a list of bike touring companies that have trips that cater to the avid cyclist, as opposed to only the pedal to the next meal kind of trip (not that I dislike those -- I really have had some great experiences).

If you know of such a company that has such rides, can you please post the name. You do not need to share your experiences unless you want to - just trying to get an initial list (I may come back to you for your thoughts).

My preliminary list:

La Corsa
Backroads (epic trips and class 5s)
Trek Travel (explorer trips)
Escape Adventures
Cilcismo Classico
Adventure Travel Group
Ride Strong Tours
Graham Baxter


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
there's a whole more to than just the msg brd
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Ron (not verified)

Awesome. Tx

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

ExperiencePlus! has a number of tours for more experienced cyclists, including a few they call ExpeditionPlus. The expeditions are 3-6 weeks of 70 miles/day (average) for road trips or tough terrain for mountain bikes. They also grade their tours from 101 (easy - pedal to the next meal) to 401 (serious road cycling with climbing).

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grace (not verified)

avid climbers would probably prefer Trek Travel's Specialty trips to their Explorers. Specialty trips include the grand tours - Giro d'Italia, Tour de France & Vuelta a Espana - and something called Classic Climbs of France. Plus the humbling (for me) Training Camp in Santa Barbara with Kevin Livingston.

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Jen (not verified)
Excellent bike tour

I had an absolutely amazing bike trip in Thailand with a group called Smiling Albino. They tour throughout Southeast Asia and Nepal. It is not your typical bike tour. It's a very unique, challenging, authentic, interesting experience and a ton of fun. Check them out at

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