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"I have seen them mentioned on this message board before, and I had the pleasure of riding with a GPS-equipped cyclist (John) today who was on top of every turn. These devices can be very useful, especially in uncharted territory, but also on occasion instead of a cue sheet. There is a great review of the Garmin 305 and specifically its abilities to assist with cycling and cycling training here in the shopping blog if anyone is interested. Check it out.
Does anyone else have any other GPS favorites? I am thinking about getting one but not sure just yet as I still prefer to ride the old-fashioned way, on somebody's (who knows where they are going) wheel. -Jeff"

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)
Edge 305

I have the Garmin Edge 305 and use it as my bike computer. It's a great training device, but I still haven't been able to figure out how to input a course I haven't already ridden. As a mapping and routing GPS it stinks. For that I have used in the past an eTrex Vista, (early model, not current version) which had good mapping and routing features, but its mono screen was hard to read in daylight, often lost reception under cloud or tree cover and had a short battery life. I currently use a GPSMap 60cs, with a larger color screen, better antenna, and longer battery life. So long as I remember to preload detailed maps of an area I wish to ride I can always find my way. I can preload a cue sheet and it will beep for upcoming turns. It can also be set to show the names of upcoming streets, which is good when someone else has the cue sheet and its not loaded into the GPS.

If there is enought interest I would be willing to upload cue sheets of rides I have done in garmin mapsource .gdb format (only good for Garmin gps's, or in GPX format, useable with many brands of gps's and mapping software.

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[email protected] (not verified)
Garmin 305

"I have the 305 as well and find the instructions and functionality somewhat difficult to follow. From what I can tell, it does not have the ability to help you track a new's not a street finder GPS. You can ride a route of your own and it can, on the 2nd time you ride that same route, tell you if your time is ahead or behind the last time you rode it. It's called a ""training partner"". When I do laps in the park, it automatically hits a new lap when you pass the point you started. HR, elapsed time, total climbing, grade, calories burned, fastest speed, average speed, time of day and distance are all itemized by lap and any 6 functions can be displayed at the same time. As a cyclometer, it's terrific. But if you're looking for a street finder, the 305 is nothing more than a paper weight."

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Chuck (not verified)
Course Creation

"Dennis, check out the following sites to create courses for your Edge 305...

Brad's Course Creator

Bike Route Toaster

You can export .tcx files using Brad's Course Creator, import it into the Garmin Training Center and then upload to the Edge. You can also export the course in GPX format too.

Bike Route Toaster is limited to GPX and MotionBased format. You can convert GPX files to Training Center course files using this utility. But it requires the .Net framework to run."

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Garmin 60c

I've been using the Garmin 60c for the past three years. It is incredible. Auto mapping - with a special setting for bicycle roads - to any chosen destination. Just choose any destination and it will automatically route you there.

Has a tracking feature to download on your computer where you have been. You can download a map to enter in the cue sheet route before a ride. Nice color screen that lights up automatically before dawn. Also tells elevation at every point during your ride - albiet based on maps not atmospheric pressure. Mounts nice and secure on handlebar and footprint (with antenna) is less than one half of a 12oz coke can.

Downside - weighs 5 ounces.

If you are considering, get the new version which allows you to put maps on removable chips - allows for more and flexible storage space. Best dealer I believe it costs $329 plus about $100 for software and $30 for handlebar mount.


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