Good route for Park Slope (near Prospect Park) to GW?

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I was just wondering, I'm moving to Park Slope near Prospect Park and work at the medical center near the GW--Does anyone know a nice commuting route from Park Slope to the GW? Thanks for any help you can give me.



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Paul (not verified)
Have I got a route for you

This is an easy commute. I don't know where in Park Slope, but let's assume 9th and PPW
West on 9th to Smith St
Right on Smith (at F line bagels) for two blocks to Nelson
Left on Nelson for two blocks to Clinton
Right on Clinton until Tillary
Right on Tillary until Brooklyn Bridge
Cross Brooklyn Bridge
Once in Manhattan, follow path right to Centre Street
Follow Centre St north one block to Chambers
Left on Chambers
Cross West Side Highway
North on Hudson River Greenway

Much of the route will keep you quite far from the cars with the exception of Chambers which can get busy at times.

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Aviva (not verified)
Thank you!

Sweet! Thanks Paul :)

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rick jakobson (not verified)
many ways to skin a cat

i've found that riding across the brooklyn bridge can be troublesome when there are pedestrians on the bridge. they will walk into the bicycle path and you will eventually ride into one. and i said will, as in you will. for that reason, the manhattan bridge which has a dedicated bike path is preferable.
and while the bike path on the westside is often a good choice riding to the GWB. avoid the path on warm, sunny weekend days when, once again, pedestrians will take over the bike lanes.
on sunday mornings, i recommend riding up 6th or 8th avenue. there'll be next to no traffic.
try them all, eventually you'll figute out what route works for you depending on the time of day and on your mood.
happy riding!

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a (not verified)

"We can only assume that Aviva's talking about commuting to work during ""standard"" working hours. May be wrong with this one, but the trip across the Brooklyn Bridge early in the mornings is nothing to worry about. And, coming home, as long as she's careful and attentive enough (an Incredibell for a bike is a great thing to have to alert pedestrians with a gentle and inoffensive ""ping""), she won't have a problem. Coming home, she can go straight off the Brooklyn Bridge, past Atlantic Ave., and onto Dean Street (left turn two blocks past Atlantic); easy trip up the gradual hill to The Slope from there.

A word about the Manhattan Bridge: though it has a dedicated bike lane, it's rather isolated and, frankly, I've always felt much safer among pedestrians on the Brooklyn than alone/secluded on the Manhattan. The view/vibe from/on the Brooklyn's just magnificent, too, and you don't have the train clamoring along next to you as on the Manhattan. My two cents."

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Zac (not verified)

I don't find the Manhattan Bridge bike path threatening in the least. I take the subway over the bridge at those times and always see a lot of riders and walkers.

The dedicated bikeway is currently closed however, so you have to ride on the pedestrian side. Not a big deal.

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Chris (not verified)

"I commute to work from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan and Ride through Manhattan during the weekends... Weekday mornings, BB is typically fine, weekday evenings ok, and beautiful weekends at practically anytime, forget about it! Take the Manhattan. If it is early in the morning, Flatbush Ave will be relatively uncrowded, and it is a short ride to the Manhattan Bridge. For getting to Central Park, back from the GWB, I endorse the following route: Manhattan Bridge to Bowery, and then Third Avenue up. As for coming back, I take the following route (posted on a thread here: )

Riverside Dr
L 72nd St
R West End Ave / 11th Ave
L 24th St
R 9th Ave / Hudson St
L Bleecker St
R Bowery to Manhattan Bridge"

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Aviva (not verified)
You guys are awesome! Thanks so much. :)

Really looking forward to the chance to ride more--you are right, looking for commuting routes on rush hours, largely, but also am doing a SIG and will potentially need the weekend routes as well. I will use the routes well! :)

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