Invitation: C Spring Training Series (STS) starts Sunday Mar. 25

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  • Invitation: C Spring Training Series (STS) starts Sunday Mar. 25
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I just found out at the last NYCC monthly meeting that newcomers to the club frequent our message board. So I'd like to encourage newcomers to the Club who are familiar with group riding (or amenable to learning the skills) and want a series of rides that gradually increase in speed and distance starting at 20 miles, to come out on Sunday, leaving from Inwood (Manhattan) and going to Scarsdale. I was very pleased to have my first shakedown ride of the year in T-shirt and shorts 2 days before the ice storm, so am rarin' to go. The STS series is different from the SIG in that you are not required to come to a minimum number of rides, the rides are more easy-going and probably a bit slower (some of the C SIG rides operate at B paces). If asked, I can provide much of the information that is taught on C SIG rides, having led it, and having led rides for the Club since 1981.

The Sunday ride is listed on the front page of this website (all the way at the bottom right). The description of the C-STS is buried under the links: Rides, then STS, then C12. Check it out!

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Maggie Clarke (not verified)
Check the weather

As a weather fanatic since the age of 6, I am one of those who looks carefully at radars and forecasts before venturing out. This also helps in planning what to wear. At the moment, Sunday's forecast is iffy. But it is always a mistake to cancel a ride before the morning of. If you'd like to come, do check on Sunday morning to see the latest. My stock cancellation conditions are: starting temp below 40F, wind chill below 25F, icy roads, or 50% chance of precipitation. Also, though I don't list it, if I see a monstrous radar picture (i.e. some huge patch of precip that will more than likely douse us mid-ride), I may well decide to cancel as well (or shorten the ride). If ever in doubt, give me a call at 212-567-8272, but not too early..

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Maggie Clarke (not verified)
Ride to Scarsdale

Last Sunday's ride to Scarsdale was great. Though it was a bit nippy, it ended sunny, and we had a fine tour of Bronxville and Scarsdale. BTW, there is a new large deli opening up in Scarsdale next week. We think it is a branch of the one we ate at on the main drag in Bronxville. It's located near Chase Park down the street from the Haagen Daz.

I hope to see a lot of faces this coming Sunday.

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