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It looks like we may have some great weather for our Century-A-Month club ride on Sunday. We are offering 2 mileage options:

100 mile ride through Sergeantsville to New Brunswick
123 mile ride through Milford/Frenchtown to New Brunswick

We will all ride together until we get to Peacock's Country Store at mile 47. At that point we will split into 2 groups. The leaders may both go on the 123 mile ride. Good cuesheets will be left for those wishing to do the 100 mile ride.

Please take the 7:27AM PATH train from the WTC to Newark. PATH train entrance requires either a pay-per-ride Metrocard, 6 quarters, or a PATH quickcard. There is a handicapped entrance on the front left and rear right as you come down the stairs that will allow you to pass thru a gate instead of lifting your bike over the turnstiles. No bikes are allowed in the first or last cars. The trip is only 22 minutes. The train will be fairly empty when you board, but will fill up by the 2nd stop, so if you sit please take an end seat so as not to have your bike block others from sitting. Natalia and I will either see you on the train or on the platform in Newark as you exit the train.

If you'd like to drive, please let me know and meet us in the main lobby of the train station by 8am.

We will return from New Brunswick via NJ Transit.

Please remember to bring pocket food, fluids, $$ for trainfare, and front and rear lights. Do not plan to go on the 123 mile ride unless you have decent lighting. I expect we may finish in the dark.

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
88 and 76 mile options added

"If anyone would like to come along to do a shorter route, I've also created an 88 and 76 mile cuesheet.

We all ride together to mile 47. From there we can split up into some ""leaderless"" ride options.

76 mile ride climbing up past Charles Lindbergh's house, then along the canal to New Brunswick
88 mile ride towards Lambertville, then back along the canal to New Brunswick
100 mile ride through Sergeantsville to New Brunswick
123 mile ride through Milford/Frenchtown to New Brunswick

Please RSVP to me just so I can send you cuesheets. I'd prefer not to carry a pile of 4 different cuesheets with me. Faster/slower riders are welcome to join and ride off the front or back."

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