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Paul (not verified)
Looks familiar

"I looked at it quickly, but I think the only thing they did was put signs up along a previously documented bike route, which only helps people who forgot their map at home."

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Nick Trippel (not verified)
Bike Route

I can't speak for the whole route but the section around Kings Park (just west of Smithtown) is more than just signs. Within the last year, they significantly expanded the shoulder on both sides of 25A and made that newly expanded shoulder the bike path. In a number of spots it was a fairly major construction project that must have cost a significant chunk of change.

The shoulder used to be so narrow on that stretch of 25A that I would never use it. It's still a busy road, but the shoulder is wide enough that I'm fairly comfortable riding it.

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Paul (not verified)
Good news

I haven't biked out there in years, but will have to take a trip out there soon now that they've done all that work.


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Jim N (not verified)
Would make for a good start to a bike tour

You could then take a ferry up to Conneticut and continue to points north. But how do you get to Huntington?

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

The 5BBC cue sheet library has a beautiful route to Huntington (the Walt Whitman route). We had a club ride out there in January and may do it again this summer.

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Dennis Griffin (not verified)
Brookville LI Reroute

"Just a FYI for all of you planning to ride out to the LI North Shore. Effective today LILCO is ripping up a good portion of Wheatly Rd (east of Whitney Lane and west of Cedar Swamp Rd in Brookville)) New Electrical power boxes are being installed in the roadway. Talking to a couple of the workers this job will take ""..two months..."" Frankly from the looks of it it should take longer. There will be no way around this once on Wheatly. The road is completly closed & walking past the work sites is the only way to go. In any case improvise your route by (as an example) making a Left from Wheatly unto Whitney Lane. The next Right unto Northern Blvd (25A) and then a Right unto Cedar Swamp Rd. Once here you make a Left unto the last section of Wheatly."

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Joined: Nov 4 2010
L.I. Ride tomorrow - Sat, 7 May 2011


I don't think we've met, but I saw your 90-mile ride listed at the 5bbc and I wanted to touch base about joining you tomorrow (a different year from this post that I picked up your contact email from; hopefully this will get to you).

I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to do it, more like 80%. It'll be my first time meeting up in Cunningham Park, coming from Manhattan. I've figured out the schedules to be there by 8. This past Sunday I did a 70-mile ride with NYCC up in the Gunks, so I think I should be ok keeping a Quick Spin pace with you tomorrow.

I need to be back in the city by 7pm. I know you can't guarantee anything, but do you think there is a good chance I'll be able to  make it by then?

Thank you,

Kathleen McMillan



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Roscoe George (not verified)
Strawberry Festival Century

Remember the late Strawberry Festival Century to the North Fork - Mattituck?

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
neat route cycling that part of N. Long Island (and ferry to CT)

That area IS neat for cycling. Jonathan Friedman, Dennis Griffin and I have put together an inexpensive, and fun, 2-day (1 overnight) summer cycling trip on that part of Long Island 6/23-24. We depart Smithtown LIRR station Sat AM; cycle ~60 miles thru backroads on the NorthFork to Orient Point, then ferry to New London CT, where we dine and overnight. Sunday post-breakfast we follow shore and hills of CT 60ish miles to NHaven MetroNorth. It's sponsored by 5BBC; ride is paced for B, A riders. C'mon and join us!

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"Hi Susan,

I would love to join but alas it was not meant to be.
That would make a nice Cue Sheet if you post it in the ride Library.

Good Luck

Robert ""NTS"" Marcus"

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Joined: Nov 4 2010

One can also follow with the Little Neck Triangle group that leaves every weekend at 8AM (slower paced), 8:30AM (faster paced) and Tues/Thurs 6PM

Ride through most of the north shore of Nassau.
Learned the roads by following them and have since tailored the route for my own abilities.  


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