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Below is a repeat of an email sent to the A-23 STS mail group. If you did not receive the email, please let me know and I will add you to the mail group.

Looks like we are finally going to have a nice weekend. Saturday we have a ride from New Brunswick, NJ to Carversville, PA and on Sunday a roundtrip to South Mountain or thereabouts. The Saturday ride requires transportation to and from New Brunswick, NJ; the Sunday ride starts and ends in the City.

New Jersey Transit does not require a bike permit; however, their trains are not accommodating to larger groups of cyclists. I have several questions for the group:

1) Who will be participating in this ride?

2) Who has a car and can drive? We have never had a problem with NJT but if possible it would be good to get 5-6 riders there by car. Its an easy drive.

Regarding Sunday, for those interested let's plan upon a post-ride bite to eat and viewing of Milan-San Remo at 5:00 PM.

My apologies for thinking about Paris-Nice too late, but it was a great race to watch.


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Kay Gunn (not verified)
some new NJ Transit trains

"Maybe you guys will get lucky and get one of the new trains NJ Transit is running on the NY <-> Trenton line. I ended up on one last week. They are extremely nice. There's a separate handicapped (bike) room right at each handicapped entrance. Each room has 5 flip up seats on each side and can easily accomodate 6 bikes (bring tiedowns). The trains have double decker seating. I've been meaning to call NJ Transit to see if they publish a schedule for these trains.

new NJ Transit cars"

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Sean L. (not verified)
Sunday's Ride

Can you give me a general description of Sunday's ride to South Mountain? Flat, hilly? Will it be an actual 23mph pace or is that the goal?

I have the SIG on Saturday and it's still early in the season for me, but I might be interested, depending on the likelihood percentage that I'll be dropped.


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John Z (not verified)
Ride Detials

The route is flat to rolling with one long gradual climb. There is only one brief stop.

cycling trips