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I saw the ride listed for Saturday's ride to Nyack, but noticed no new riders. Is this for non members or is it because the is group full. I have unfortunately been putting in 16 hour days for the past month in and half and could not commit to any SIGS or any other ride for that matter. Anyway if you could clarify the policy, it would be appreciated.

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
A-SIG Nyack ride, last chance to join the A-SIG

The A-SIG Classic has a ride listed for this Saturday going to Nyack. The ride is meant for participants of the A-SIG Classic only.

Since we got snowed out last weekend, we will accept new participants. Those who made arrangements already to start on the third ride, welcome. Any others, please contact us by email before Saturday.


Timothy McCarthy
A-SIG Classic Captain

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