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I have to spend a weekend in Atlantic City next month. Is it worth it to bring my bike? Any scenic riding in that area?

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J (not verified)

If you want to just tour around AC, go ahead. I think b'walk riding is from 6AM-10AM. Be careful on streets - it is party town, 24 hours. People are on auto-pilot.

If you want a good ride, get over to Route 47south/Delsea Dr. It is west of AC and the Garden Sate Pkway. Drive to it. It is especially nice, but do NOT take it into Wildwood. Infact, best to drive down to the Cape May area, about 25-30 miles.


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RF (not verified)
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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Lucy The Elephant


If you can, try to ride to see this lovely historic bit of ""weird"" New Jersey. It's a gigantic example of zoomorphic/novelty architecture shaped as an elephant. Lucy is located two miles from Atlantic City, in Margate.

Here's some links:

Maybe take pictures with you and your bike.

Lucy opens for the season March 31.

Hope this helps and ride safe getting there,

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
not for me, there's too many ...

high rollers

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Isaac (not verified)
Scenic riding near AC

"Yes. There's good scenic riding near Atlantic City

1. Go south to Longport Bridge to get off the island. The alternate routes are either busy (Black and White Horse Pikes) or closed to bikes (Margate Bridge). You pass ""Lucy"" along the way if you take Atlantic Av.

2. If you stay off Black and White Horse Pikes (at least for the first 10 miles of so) the roads are nice. 559 (not alt 559) from Somers Point to Mays Landing stands out. Shore Road and Bay Road are nice too. 50 takes you from Mays Landing to Egg Harbor City, go beyond (563/653/652/654/Stage Road) to the Mullica River and Tuckerton) and it's really, really nice. (Note, you can't use 9 over the Mullica, as it merges with the GSP, but the detour is IMHO well worth it). Almost anything south of the AC Expressway and west of the GSP are pretty good. Vineland and Millville are also potential destinations, but note that Vineland posts ""no bicycles"" signs on its main street downtown (Landis).

I've cycled to AC (Margate) more or less this route:
NJT to Bay Head.
35/37 to Toms River
166 to 9
9 to Tuckerton
R - Stage Rd
S - 654
BL - 653/542
L - 652, R TRO 652
BL - 563, becomes 50
S - 50 to Mays Landing & 559
L - 559 to Somers Point
BR - 559 to stay off Alt 559
L - at Circle to Shore Rd
R - Maryland Ave to Longport Bridge
BR - 27th Ave
L - Atlantic (Atlantic has bike lanes in Longport and Margate.

Have fun riding."

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