C-SIG Self-Classification Ride Cancelled Sun., 3/18

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The roads are 'iffy,' and the wind chill below freezing tomorrow, so let's regroup next Saturday, March 24th and do our laps then.

Thanks for your patience, and remember to check this space next Saturday 7AM for any last-minute changes. As of now, the weather looks considerably warmer, and dry, next week.

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Minda (not verified)

This weather !!!! :(

I'll be there Saturday morning... Thanks for the early heads up!

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Pearl (not verified)

Thanks for the heads up. Will be there on the 24th.

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KTaylor (not verified)
Another way to self-classify for C-SIG?

I can't be in CP on the 24th - will there be another way to do the self-classification? That's the only Saturday I'm not in NYC for the next two months!

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batnib (not verified)

I'd also appreciate knowing about alternatives--i.e. can some of us do the classification on 3/25? I promise not to cheat. (wouldn't do me much good!)

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Patricia Janof (not verified)
Email C-Sig questions to me direct

If you have questions concerning our canceled self-classification ride last weekend, please email me directly. We don't respond to questions posted to the Message Board.

Many Thanks.

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