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"It seems a no-brainer to me (no wise cracks, please), but it would be better if someone in an ""official"" capacity would post a cancellation of tomorrow's A19 SIG ride. I'm not the only one unsure, it seems; just the only one to put it out there and chance snide remarks from people with not much better to do on a Sat. afternoon.

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phil (not verified)

I personally think if the weather holds up as it has been today, then its green light for tomorrow? But I have no real experience so anyone can override me and I woudl agree.. E.g., I'm not sure how the melting snow will affect the roads out of city...?

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Patrick (not verified)
Road conditions

It seems to me that there will be ALOT of debris in the shoulders. Not to mention slush and potentially frozen slush. I would be a little concerned for overall safety on a ride while this amount of snow is banked and melting but draining nowhere.

I don't know what conditions are like outside the city.

Anyone have an idea?

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Sean (not verified)

Some B-18's will be at the Boathouse @ 10am for many laps of CP if interested.

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