To reiterate - laps in the Park tomorrow

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Since there is no B-SIG tomorrow, a few of us are going to do laps in Cetral Park - road is dry as a bone as of this afternoon.

Anyone wanting to join, meet at the Boathouse at 10 AM.


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Carol Waaser (not verified)
South End Not Dry

The south end of the Park Drive was well plowed by not dry. In fact, there were quite a few pools of water that are likely to freeze overnight. Early in the day tomorrow there's a risk of black ice in this area, so be very careful. North of 72nd St. it's clear riding.

Also, many streets in Manhattan have not been plowed and will be icy tomorrow morning, so be very careful getting to the Park.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
That downhill righthand bend by the pool/rink...

...may be icy, and the ice might not be visible until you're committed to the turn. I know someone who broke her hip there. FYI.

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Daniel Rosenberg (not verified)
Are you still on for 10 am in CP Boathouse

Are you still on for 10 an in CP Boathourse

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Eric Rayvid (not verified)

Didn't see this until just now. We came, we saw, we rode, we drank warm beverages.

It was a great day to be on the bike, but an even better one to be on the couch.

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J (not verified)

RU doing laps TOMORROW like the post says???


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