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Not a very difficult call. We will try for same time on Sunday. Watch the board tomorrow evening just in case we have to cancel again. For now, we will plan to meet at 8:45 at the boat house on Sunday morning.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Make sure to bring your studded tires and snowshoes (nm)
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Brian P (not verified)
What are studded tires

Please excuse my ignorance, but what are studded tires? And since I am asking this, I also assume that I do not have them, so should I sit out tomorrow's ride, if it indeed happens?

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Hector Roman (not verified)
It's just a joke.

Ron Roth is not affialated with the A-SIG Classic. He was just making a joke, meaning he thinks there is no chance we will be riding on Sunday. Speaking of the Sunday ride, almost certainly it will be cancelled due to icy road conditions. We will post later to confirm.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)
studded tire example


The above is a 26"" Nokian Hakka WXC 300"

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Thanks for watching my impish back, gents!! (nm)
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Philip Ing (not verified)
riding tomorrow?

All the other SIG's, including the A-19 is cancelled. IS the A Classic on?

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